Wedding Planning Questions

  • How do I match a bridal hairstyle with a particular dress neckline?

The most helpful answer to this question came from Faces Makeup and Hair who wrote:

“When choosing a bridal hairstyle, it is more important to consider what suits your face shape rather than what goes with your wedding gown.

That said, if you would like your gown’s neckline to show, consider an updo.

Always have a trial with your hairstylist beforehand to make sure both of you are on the same page.”

  • Can we ask the celebrant not to say ‘Mr and Mrs’ if I’m not taking his name?

The most helpful answer to this question came from Stephanie Bromley – Marriage Celebrant. She wrote:

“Of course you may!  I always ask my couples how they would like to be presented to their guests.

  • When I enquire with a celebrant, what should I be asking them?

The most helpful answer to this question was given by Michael Pratt Celebrant. He wrote:

“This is a great question because celebrants love to answer what you want to know.

I am presuming that you have had a bit of time to chat and feel comfortable with everyone and feel that you could make a connection and work together with your celebrant.

Apart from the obvious first question about being available on your chosen day (otherwise a lot of the questions to follow this one might seem a bit of a waste of time.. lol), you might like to ask your celebrant about what might happen in the very rare chance that they are unable to be your celebrant on the day (ie What is your Plan B?)

Celebrants will always have a Plan B, and C up their sleeves – it is in their nature to be this organised and also to ensure that you, as their client, receive the most professional service possible at all times.

The next topic for questions would center around the financials, and please do not be shy in asking – is to enquire about the celebrant’s fees and what is included (ie a rehearsal, travel, etc) deposit, final payments, cancellations etc.

  • Do I provide portaloos if my wedding is outside?

The best answer to this question came from The Vines Resort & Country Club, who wrote:

“For the convenience of your guests, this would be recommended. We can assist you with a supplier if required.”

  • How old is the cut off for kid’s meals?

The best answer to this question came from The Culinarian, who wrote:

“All caterers will have a different cut off for kid’s meals for kids of different ages. It is something that will also vary based on the type of menu you are having, for instance with a cocktail menu it can be hard to stop kids from grabbing adult canapes and so on, with a buffet, some kids will eat as much if not more than some adults.

Also, different kids have different tastes, some kids will eat the same things as adults whereas others will only eat the basic old-fashioned kid’s meals that we have become accustomed to.

It’s best to check with your shortlisted caterers to find out what their policy on kid’s meals is if you are having kids at your wedding. That way, you know what each offers and it can help you make your decision.”