Wedding Catering

While many couples still love the idea of the traditional three course dinner for their wedding breakfast, others are looking for ways to make their catering more interactive, contemporary, and entertaining.

Food stations are the utmost in wedding chic, and every season sees the emergence of a new type of station. Set up a number of food stations around your venue, each serving a specific cuisine such as succulent sushi, mini burgers, spicy Mexican treats, or decadent desserts. Have a specialist at each station to advise your guests on combining their food.

Carve at the table is a twist on the traditional wedding dish of roast meat and gives your guests something to watch while they are waiting for their dinner to be served. Have a selection of meats and at least one server to every twenty guests.

Cocktail bars allow your guests to create their own drinks and provide interactive catering. Set up a bar with glasses, various types of champagne or sparkling wine, liqueurs and fruit juices to mix them with, and a selection of fresh fruit and garnishes. Make the bar as colourful and varied as possible.

Eco menus are big news in wedding catering as words such as organic, sustainable, free trade, seasonal, and locally produced, become popular in foodie circles. Decide which of these aspects of an eco menu are most important to you and have your caterer base the menu on those.

Awesome mini food for wedding

  • Mini pizzas

why serve standards pizza slices, when you can serve whole mini pizzas? They look far neater and more eye-catching than a messy piece of pizza and can be downed in a single morsel.

  • Mini tacos

Tiny tacos aren’t something you see every day, but they’re utterly scrumptious and bursting with cruch and flavour. They can be filled with anything you want, not just the traditional ground beef. Try fresh halibut, topped with a tropical salsa – and don’t forget to serve it with mini tequila bottles and, of course, a lime!

  • Mini hot dogs

These are exactly what they sound like, teensy weensy hot dogs that you will only get one, possibly two, bites out of. Top them with lashings of mustard and tomato sauce and, if you’ve got vegetarian guests, replace the standard sausage with a veggie one and you’ll have a snackalicious offering all your guests can enjoy.

  • Mini chicken parmigianas

Whether you call them ‘parmas’ or ‘parmies’, chicken parmigiana is an Aussie favourite. These mini chicken parmas are finger-sized – and finger-licking good!

  • Mini steaks

Mini food isn’t just about snacky-type nibblies, you can actually create miniature versions of more substantial meals, like this mini minute steak, from Creative Hunger, which even comes with a big, fat dollop of hearty herbed butter and a classic potato salad.

  • Mini desserts

Desserts are perfect for serving in bite-sized portions. Often, they’re so sweet, a guest won’t be able to make it through the entire thing, however, serving miniature portions means guests can mix and match according to what tickles their tastebuds’ fancy.

  • Mini burger – (with mini beer, of course)

Mini hamburgers have been all the rage for a few years, but pair them with mini beers for added effect. By mixing up the beers – and what’s inside the burgers – guests will experience a range of burger types (rather than having to choose a single big one) – and a range of non-standard beers. Look for local craft beers for something different.

  • Mini wedding cake

We’re not talking about cupcakes or cake pops here. We’re talking about serving miniature versions of a full wedding cake rather than serving slices. This one is a vanilla bean, blackberry and coconute cream cheese mini naked cake toped with fresh flowers, just like the main wedding cake was. However, there are plenty of wedding cake makers who will create mini versions of fully iced and decorated cakes and they’re so beautiful, you’ll be loathed to chomp into them.