Wedding cake

 The wedding cake will take centre stage if you’re displaying it at your wedding reception, so those brides that are having a themed wedding need to make sure they also consider the wedding cake theme.

  • A beach themed wedding

For an understated take on the beach theme, have your cake iced in pale blue and then adorned it with white icing star fish and shell designs. Alternatively, sunshine yellow makes a real statement, and white wave shapes circling around the tiers can add variety. Sponge flavours such as lemon or carrot are suitable for a beach wedding as you want your cake to be light without melting in the tropical sun.

  • A vintage wedding

The possibilities for a vintage wedding cake are endless, but a contemporary option would be to have a two or three tiered fruit cake iced in pale pink, and then have white lace effect icing over the top.

  • A traditional wedding

If your theme is simply a classic, traditional wedding, you will be looking for a multiple tiered white cake on a structured stand, decorated with flowers. For a modern twist have fondant roses stacked between the layers to hide the supports of the cake stand.

If your wedding dress is short and you have chosen funky food stations instead of a sit down dinner, your wedding is modern and sassy, and the recent trend for cup cake towers would suit you down to the ground. The latest fashion in cup cakes is to have a regular cake made as the top tier and then to have mini versions of that cake piled up to create the lower tiers. That way the bride and groom still have something to cut.

  • Cakes inspired by bridal gowns

There is a growing trend towards basing your cake design on the style of your wedding dress. Ivory, cream and white cakes are regaining popularity, and these are being decorated with pearls, diamante, fabric, flowers and pieces of jewellery to mimic the bride’s outfit. Some high end cake makers are actually working with dress designers to create couture cakes inspired by the designers’ collections.

  • Strong colours and bold patterns

For brides that want something different to the traditional white cake, strong colours and bold patterns such as polka dots are very fashionable. The cake colours can be chosen to complement the overall wedding colour scheme; choosing a bolder shade of the bridesmaid dress colour often works well. Large individual patterns such as flowers can extend across several cake layers to add impact.

  • Ice cream cakes

For casual summer weddings, ice cream cakes are the perfect choice, and should double up as dessert as your guests won’t be able to take a piece home. White chocolate and strawberry or lemon are popular flavours for ice cream cakes, just be careful not to leave the cake out of the freezer for too long if you don’t want it to collapse.

  • A new twist on cup cakes

The trend for filling a large cake stand with individual cup cakes is still thriving, but some brides are looking for a new way to take this idea forward. One innovative solution is a traditional square layered cake with a couple of layers made up of tiny individual square cakes, fully iced and personalised for your guests. This is a more formal alternative to cup cakes but still means that each guest gets an individual cake.

  • Black and white cakes

White icing with black detail has been fashionable for some time now, but this season stylish black and white cakes are being livened up with a splash of colour, such as bright red, pink or orange flowers, or a bold ribbon.