Bridal Hairstyles

  Your choice of hairstyle can affect your overall bridal look dramatically

So, it is important to pick a hairstyle that will not only be comfortable, but will match your style of dress and overall wedding theme. One very versatile look that matches most themes is braids – and there are plenty of elegant, stylish and, even, fun options – that won’t make you look like a little girl!

Accessories to Complement Your Wedding Hairstyle

If you are wearing a classic long veil, your hairstyle will need to be able to take a little weight. The veil should be attached to your head at the crown if you are wearing your hair loose, or can be attached underneath an up do to avoid ruining the style.

Current bridal hair trends are heading towards messy and textured styles, and whimsical looks that make use fresh flowers and Grecian style head pieces.

1. Braided crown

If you have long hair and want it all off your neck but prefer not to just wear a standard bun, a braided crown is an excellent option. With the long hair braided carefully around your head, it can appear as though it is a literal crown of braided hair in place of a floral crown. For added detail, incorporate some flowers.

2. Hidden fishtail braid

The hidden fishtail braid adds a touch of style to your hair. Wear the rest of your hair down while incorporating a small fishtail braid that appears hidden in the rest of your hair. This works well with a messier, more bohemian hairstyle.

3. Half-up braided crown

The half-up braided crown is an excellent and romantic option for those that what the look of a braided crown but still wants hair hanging down over their shoulders. This works well for women with thick curly hair.

4. Braided updo

The braided updo is an elegant way to get long hair, or even shorter hair, up off the back of the neck. Simply braid the hair and swoop it up into an updo. To add an extra touch to the braid frame the face with some loose tendrils of hair slightly curled.

5. Multiple long loose braids

If the bride to be has a lot of long hair, an assortment of loose braids scattered through long flowing hair makes a great look. This style is better suited for a more casual wedding.

6. Modern bun with fishtail braid

This combination of fishtail braidswrapped around a messy, modern style of bun creates a hairstyle that is a refreshing and fun change from the traditional bun that sits high on the head. Keep some hair loose around the face to give it a bohemian or casual feel.

A shorter, elbow length veil will be much lighter, and won’t ruin your style. These tend to look best with short hair or an up do. Ask your stylist to attach your veil, and if you want to be able to take it off after the ceremony, make sure they are aware of that.

Modern hair corsages, both fresh and fabric, are a key look this season. Wear yours at the side of a bun or chignon, or behind your ear if you are wearing your hair down with waves. Fix your corsage in place with plenty of grips so you aren’t worried about it coming loose.