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Wedding Catering

While many couples still love the idea of the traditional three course dinner for their wedding breakfast, others are looking for ways to make their catering more interactive, contemporary, and entertaining.

Food stations are the utmost in wedding chic, and every season sees the emergence of a new type of station. Set up a number of food stations around your venue, each serving a specific cuisine such as succulent sushi, mini burgers, spicy Mexican treats, or decadent desserts. Have a specialist at each station to advise your guests on combining their food.

Carve at the table is a twist on the traditional wedding dish of roast meat and gives your guests something to watch while they are waiting for their dinner to be served. Have a selection of meats and at least one server to every twenty guests.

Cocktail bars allow your guests to create their own drinks and provide interactive catering. Set up a bar with glasses, various types of champagne or sparkling wine, liqueurs and fruit juices to mix them with, and a selection of fresh fruit and garnishes. Make the bar as colourful and varied as possible.

Eco menus are big news in wedding catering as words such as organic, sustainable, free trade, seasonal, and locally produced, become popular in foodie circles. Decide which of these aspects of an eco menu are most important to you and have your caterer base the menu on those.

Awesome mini food for wedding

  • Mini pizzas

why serve standards pizza slices, when you can serve whole mini pizzas? They look far neater and more eye-catching than a messy piece of pizza and can be downed in a single morsel.

  • Mini tacos

Tiny tacos aren’t something you see every day, but they’re utterly scrumptious and bursting with cruch and flavour. They can be filled with anything you want, not just the traditional ground beef. Try fresh halibut, topped with a tropical salsa – and don’t forget to serve it with mini tequila bottles and, of course, a lime!

  • Mini hot dogs

These are exactly what they sound like, teensy weensy hot dogs that you will only get one, possibly two, bites out of. Top them with lashings of mustard and tomato sauce and, if you’ve got vegetarian guests, replace the standard sausage with a veggie one and you’ll have a snackalicious offering all your guests can enjoy.

  • Mini chicken parmigianas

Whether you call them ‘parmas’ or ‘parmies’, chicken parmigiana is an Aussie favourite. These mini chicken parmas are finger-sized – and finger-licking good!

  • Mini steaks

Mini food isn’t just about snacky-type nibblies, you can actually create miniature versions of more substantial meals, like this mini minute steak, from Creative Hunger, which even comes with a big, fat dollop of hearty herbed butter and a classic potato salad.

  • Mini desserts

Desserts are perfect for serving in bite-sized portions. Often, they’re so sweet, a guest won’t be able to make it through the entire thing, however, serving miniature portions means guests can mix and match according to what tickles their tastebuds’ fancy.

  • Mini burger – (with mini beer, of course)

Mini hamburgers have been all the rage for a few years, but pair them with mini beers for added effect. By mixing up the beers – and what’s inside the burgers – guests will experience a range of burger types (rather than having to choose a single big one) – and a range of non-standard beers. Look for local craft beers for something different.

  • Mini wedding cake

We’re not talking about cupcakes or cake pops here. We’re talking about serving miniature versions of a full wedding cake rather than serving slices. This one is a vanilla bean, blackberry and coconute cream cheese mini naked cake toped with fresh flowers, just like the main wedding cake was. However, there are plenty of wedding cake makers who will create mini versions of fully iced and decorated cakes and they’re so beautiful, you’ll be loathed to chomp into them.


When couples are checking out wedding photographers, the chances are they’re focussing on the big day itself and the role the photographer will play in it. The pre wedding photo shoot can be overlooked, and many couples don’t even realise such a thing exists. Here is a short explanation of what a pre wedding photo shoot is and why you should consider one, along with a few tips to make the most of your shoot.

A pre wedding photo shoot is a chance for the couple to get together with their wedding photographer in the run up to the big day, usually at a venue of their choice, and to have some portrait photos taken. Many photographers include a pre wedding photo shoot in their package, but expect the couple to pay extra for any digital images and prints they want, and some charge an additional fee for a pre wedding shoot.

Here are three top tips on getting the most from your pre wedding photo shoot:

  1. Pre wedding shoots are usually booked for a weekday as wedding photographers’ time is at a premium at weekends. Try to take at least an afternoon off work so you aren’t rushed and stressed trying to pull the shoot in during your lunch break.
  2. Ask if you can have a disk of the images taken to use however you wish. The photos can then be used on your wedding invitations, your guest book, as a slide show at your reception, or as a large canvas print for your guests to sign.
  3. See if you can have your pre wedding shoot at your wedding venue so the pictures are thematically linked to your wedding and you can use the time to seek out perfect photo locations and get to know the venue.

    Tips to Make an Attractive Pre-wedding Photography

    1. Some questions for the couple
    A photographer should have a discuss with the couple before photo shooting. What they want, you can begin to ask about their favorite so that you might be able to get some unique pre wedding photo theme ideas. This Q & A session can be very meaningful input.

    2. Selecting theme and concept
    The selection of appropriate themes will support your work very much. You need to find a theme that create a strong impression and of course unique, for example, the love story of the couple when they met at first time.

    3. Time of photo session
    The timing of the shooting is also one of the most important thing to make a unique pre-wedding photos. It will be difficult to make a nice photo with a bad timing.

    Remember the golden hour for outdoor portrait photography. 6-9am in the morning and afternoon at 4pm till 1 hour before the sun goes down. This is to get a soft natural light.

    4. Location
    There are many photos looks beautiful due to its location. Although in reality that location is not so special, if the concept and location are supporting each other, then you can create a unique pre-wedding photo. It is better to choose a location adapted to the agreed concept, not just because that location looks beautiful. Don’t forget to adjust the costume.

Wedding Reception

Popular wedding reception venues get booked up a long way in advance, so you should look to make a tentative booking and pay a deposit around twelve to eighteen months before you plan to get married. This can mean beginning your venue search two years before the wedding date. If you want to have the reception on a Saturday evening in the middle of the wedding season, or you are choosing a particularly popular venue, you may need to book even earlier.

Trends in wedding reception venues

Many couple are choosing unusual and creative venues for their wedding reception to make it a day to remember. Think about whether you might like a waterfront venue, an outdoors country wedding, a chic city centre venue, or even a reception on a cruise boat.

Backyard wedding are re-emerging as a popular choice. Some couple are foregoing large commercial venues for a more intimate gathering at a parent’s house, making use of a marquee in the garden for a real personal feel. This is partly in response to the expense of a large wedding, but also because couples are deciding to limit the number of guests and make their wedding receptions exclusive affairs.

Looking for your perfect venue

Deciding on the type of venue you want for your wedding reception is crucial. Do you want a venue that will take care of everything from the wedding cake to accommodation for you, or do you just want a simple function centre where you hire the room and have to provide everything else yourself?

When you have a good idea what type of venue you are looking for, draw up a list of possibilities in the area and arrange to visit them, armed with your wish list for the big day, as well as a list of questions to ask. Make notes at each venue so you don’t mix them up or forget any important information. Make sure you see all the rooms that will be used for your reception, as well as any additional rooms such as the bridal suite, ceremony room, and dressing rooms if applicable.

If you are planning an outside wedding, check that the venue has an indoors option in case of bad weather. If the venue is used frequently used for weddings they may have links with local florists, musicians and decorators and you may be able to negotiate a good package deal.

Modern Lighting Ideas

Coloured mood lighting is currently in vogue, and works especially well for those hiring a modern, minimalist venue decorated with a neutral colour scheme. The idea is to light your whole venue in one colour, and then change the colour to reflect the various stages of the wedding. You could choose warm orange for the drinks reception, calming green for dinner, vibrant red for the cake cutting, and velvety purple for the dancing.

Another modern lighting concept for contemporary weddings is to light the tables from within. Simple white lights are placed under the tables, and coloured cloths are used to alter the light, or coloured lamps can be used with white cloths. If you don’t want all your tables to light up, simply use cocktail tables with lights installed for your drinks reception.

Vintage Lighting Ideas

For true vintage glamour nothing beats glass chandeliers suspended above the tables. Check with your venue whether you are allowed to temporarily install these and if your venue isn’t that large limit yourself to one chandelier in the centre of the room or above the top table.

Depending on the decade you are aiming for, you can pick up vintage lamps to reflect your theme. Lava lamps or rotaflex lampshades can give a 1960s feel, while those looking for 1970s lighting could pick up orange, yellow, and brown lamp shades in a range of geometric patterns.

Romantic Lighting Idea

Nothing adds romance to the atmosphere like the soft glow of a candle flame, and many brides choose these as a simple and low budget way to light their reception venue.

Wedding Shoes

However, a recent trend for metallics or coloured statement shoes means that more brides are turning away from the tradition of matching their shoes to their wedding dress in search of something different.

If you’ve bought a classic white wedding gown, you will probably have an easier time finding shoes that match than if you had chosen an ivory dress. However, it still pays to take a swatch of wedding dress material shopping with you as there can be quite a big difference between whites, especially when the fabrics don’t match completely.

Pure white wedding shoes look stunning on tanned legs, and work beautifully with sparkling accessories such as diamante or crystal, which are currently very fashionable. It is very easy to have white wedding shoes dyed after the wedding if you are worried that you will spend a lot of money on a pair of white shoes that you will never wear again.

Metallic shoes are a fashionable choice that works well with just about any wedding gown. Silver shoes look great with a pure white dress, while bronze and gold complement ivory. Metallic pink is a feminine, girly look, and a nude or salmon metallic shade that is popular with dancers when they want to draw attention away from their feet, could be a good way to keep guests looking at your face.

If you choose metallic shoes, you could wear the same shoes as your bridesmaids to create a uniform look. The shoes should work well with your jewellery and accessories, so if you are wearing gold shoes make sure you wear gold earrings or a tiara to balance the look.

Many modern brides see coloured shoes as a way of adding interest and personality to their outfit, and the most popular option is to find shoes in your wedding accent colour which is usually also the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

If you have any colour in your wedding dress, such as a sash, corsage, or embroidery, you could look for shoes to match that. You could also match your shoes to a particular coloured flower in your bouquet. A final option is to choose sapphire or cobalt and have them as your something blue.