Bridal Hairstyles

  Your choice of hairstyle can affect your overall bridal look dramatically

So, it is important to pick a hairstyle that will not only be comfortable, but will match your style of dress and overall wedding theme. One very versatile look that matches most themes is braids – and there are plenty of elegant, stylish and, even, fun options – that won’t make you look like a little girl!

Accessories to Complement Your Wedding Hairstyle

If you are wearing a classic long veil, your hairstyle will need to be able to take a little weight. The veil should be attached to your head at the crown if you are wearing your hair loose, or can be attached underneath an up do to avoid ruining the style.

Current bridal hair trends are heading towards messy and textured styles, and whimsical looks that make use fresh flowers and Grecian style head pieces.

1. Braided crown

If you have long hair and want it all off your neck but prefer not to just wear a standard bun, a braided crown is an excellent

Wedding Invitation Card

 Laser cut wedding invitations:

  • This creative laser cut invitation was designed and created by the Californian bride and groom, Christine Srivongse and Ian Collins. They held a wonderful wedding in the wilds of California – and their entire wedding invitation suite, which included a guide to the local flora and fauna – was created with that in mind.
  • These hand-made cards are perfect for an Art Deco or Gatsby inspired wedding. They are foiled with gold cut-outs and look, well, spectacular.
  • Another fantastic design, these lovely hand-made wedding invitations allow couples to personalise the gate’s filigree with the couple’s initials
  • A combination of laser cut design with gold foil and Letterpress printing, these seriously luxe wedding invitations are inspired by Chantilly bridal lace.
  • This simple pink rose design is pure pretty and would suit a garden wedding so well.
  • This Tree of Love invitation is printed on craft card and can be personalised in your choice of colour from Elephant orange to Puffin Blue
  • A striking blue background highlights this invitation’s lovely lillies and delicate lace pattern.
  • Yet another Tree of Love design, this one focuses on Autumnal leaves

Wedding cake

 The wedding cake will take centre stage if you’re displaying it at your wedding reception, so those brides that are having a themed wedding need to make sure they also consider the wedding cake theme.

  • A beach themed wedding

For an understated take on the beach theme, have your cake iced in pale blue and then adorned it with white icing star fish and shell designs. Alternatively, sunshine yellow makes a real statement, and white wave shapes circling around the tiers can add variety. Sponge flavours such as lemon or carrot are suitable for a beach wedding as you want your cake to be light without melting in the tropical sun.

  • A vintage wedding

The possibilities for a vintage wedding cake are endless, but a contemporary option would be to have a two or three tiered fruit cake iced in pale pink, and then have white lace effect icing over the top.

  • A traditional wedding

If your theme is simply a classic, traditional wedding, you will be looking for a multiple tiered white

How to make a light-up wedding bouquet

Bauble bouquets are a perfect bright ‘n’ bubbly addition to a Christmas-themed wedding, or even a cute addition to a snowy, winter wonderland wedding! Why not have an additional way of adding a personal touch to your wedding?

They’re so pretty, we can’t stop staring at them! Add a little sparkle to your floral bouquet, or have a bouquet made entirely out of baubles! We’ve seen paper, silk, brooch, caged bouquets and even lollipop bouquets, but baubles are a whole new thing!  We absolutely love this take on the Christmas wedding theme, paying homage to years of tree decorating and adding a little Christmas cheer to your wedding day.

Supplies Needed:

  • 30 medium-sized shatter-proof Christmas bulb ornaments in two to three textures such as shiny or glitter coated
  • Florist tape and wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Fast drying glue
  • Tulle
  • Matching bead sticks/picks (found at craft stores, probably in the floral aisles…)
  • Styrofoam bouquet base
  • Ribbon, 4 inch
  • Battery operated LED lights 10 per string

Prepare the Christmas ornaments:

  1. Cut about 4 inch pieces of florist wire
  2. Bend the wires in half and stick them into the bulb tops
  3. Glue wire into bulbs
  4. Use as many as you need to fill your bouquet, about half shiny and half glittery bulbs

Prepare the tulle & lights:

  1. Cut ten 4-inch tulle squares
  2. Tie the tulle in the middle with

Wedding Photo Album

Creating your album is, yes, a tedious process, but it’s also one of the most rewarding parts of wedding planning. You’ll have a beautiful album for a lifetime. Your instinct may be to jump right in, tear through your proofs and immediately figure out what should go into your album.

Step 1: Don’t Go It Alone

Your first look at the wedding photos can be overwhelming (to say the least), so you’d be wise to wait until your new spouse (or friend, sister or mother) is present to take your first glance. But be careful whom you choose. If your mother’s comments tend to stress you out—however well meaning—ask your maid of honor instead, and involve your mom later in the process, if you want. It’s likely that all proofs will be on the photographer’s website, and you’ll be given a password to see them all, but if you do get hard copies, do not lend anyone your proofs. No one will care for them the way you do, and they may get lost or damaged.

Step 2: Sort Wisely

Go with your gut on your first look and write down the shots that jump out at you. Don’t overthink

Wedding MakeUp

On such a special day most brides want a totally different makeup scheme to their usual look, but many are worried about getting it wrong and ending up looking garish or overdone. Finding an experienced makeup artist, who will come up with a wedding makeup combination that suits both your skin tone and your wedding style, can ensure that you look beautiful in your wedding photos.

Your makeup artist should have a wide range of styles in their repertoire and they should be prepared to listen to what you want, whilst also making suggestions themselves if they feel something you ask for might not suit you or your wedding style. When you have a trial your makeup artist should try out a few different looks to make sure they get exactly what you want, rather than settling for the first try. If you aren’t happy with your makeup trial, either book another appointment or find another makeup artist.

Choose colours that match your complexion. Generally brunettes look good in warm shades of plum, cream and copper, while blondes can carry off colder shades such as lavender, blue-grey and teal. Redheads look stunning in peach, grey or moss green. Very few

Wedding Catering

While many couples still love the idea of the traditional three course dinner for their wedding breakfast, others are looking for ways to make their catering more interactive, contemporary, and entertaining.

Food stations are the utmost in wedding chic, and every season sees the emergence of a new type of station. Set up a number of food stations around your venue, each serving a specific cuisine such as succulent sushi, mini burgers, spicy Mexican treats, or decadent desserts. Have a specialist at each station to advise your guests on combining their food.

Carve at the table is a twist on the traditional wedding dish of roast meat and gives your guests something to watch while they are waiting for their dinner to be served. Have a selection of meats and at least one server to every twenty guests.

Cocktail bars allow your guests to create their own drinks and provide interactive catering. Set up a bar with glasses, various types of champagne or sparkling wine, liqueurs and fruit juices to mix them with, and a selection of fresh fruit and garnishes. Make the bar as colourful and varied as possible.

Eco menus are big


When couples are checking out wedding photographers, the chances are they’re focussing on the big day itself and the role the photographer will play in it. The pre wedding photo shoot can be overlooked, and many couples don’t even realise such a thing exists. Here is a short explanation of what a pre wedding photo shoot is and why you should consider one, along with a few tips to make the most of your shoot.

A pre wedding photo shoot is a chance for the couple to get together with their wedding photographer in the run up to the big day, usually at a venue of their choice, and to have some portrait photos taken. Many photographers include a pre wedding photo shoot in their package, but expect the couple to pay extra for any digital images and prints they want, and some charge an additional fee for a pre wedding shoot.

Here are three top tips on getting the most from your pre wedding photo shoot:

  1. Pre wedding shoots are usually booked for a weekday as wedding photographers’ time is at a premium at weekends. Try to take at least an afternoon off work so

Wedding Reception

Popular wedding reception venues get booked up a long way in advance, so you should look to make a tentative booking and pay a deposit around twelve to eighteen months before you plan to get married. This can mean beginning your venue search two years before the wedding date. If you want to have the reception on a Saturday evening in the middle of the wedding season, or you are choosing a particularly popular venue, you may need to book even earlier.

Trends in wedding reception venues

Many couple are choosing unusual and creative venues for their wedding reception to make it a day to remember. Think about whether you might like a waterfront venue, an outdoors country wedding, a chic city centre venue, or even a reception on a cruise boat.

Backyard wedding are re-emerging as a popular choice. Some couple are foregoing large commercial venues for a more intimate gathering at a parent’s house, making use of a marquee in the garden for a real personal feel. This is partly in response to the expense of a large wedding, but also because couples are deciding to limit the number of guests and make their wedding receptions exclusive

Wedding Shoes

However, a recent trend for metallics or coloured statement shoes means that more brides are turning away from the tradition of matching their shoes to their wedding dress in search of something different.

If you’ve bought a classic white wedding gown, you will probably have an easier time finding shoes that match than if you had chosen an ivory dress. However, it still pays to take a swatch of wedding dress material shopping with you as there can be quite a big difference between whites, especially when the fabrics don’t match completely.

Pure white wedding shoes look stunning on tanned legs, and work beautifully with sparkling accessories such as diamante or crystal, which are currently very fashionable. It is very easy to have white wedding shoes dyed after the wedding if you are worried that you will spend a lot of money on a pair of white shoes that you will never wear again.

Metallic shoes are a fashionable choice that works well with just about any wedding gown. Silver shoes look great with a pure white dress, while bronze and gold complement ivory. Metallic pink is a feminine, girly look, and a nude or

Wedding Album Tips

When you are choosing a wedding photographer, you may want to talk to them about the degree of involvement you’d like in selecting the images that will go in the wedding album. Some brides want to make the choice themselves from all the images available, while others would rather let the photographer use their artistic talents, and then just approve the selection before printing.

  • Get a good mix of styles

Currently the most popular wedding photography style is photojournalism, where the photographer captures natural spontaneous moments throughout the day such as the look on the groom’s face as the bride enters, and the guests’ reactions to the first dance. Another popular style is the Vogue style, which includes posed photos that mimic a glamorous magazine shoot.

These photography styles are both fantastic additions to your wedding album, but you will probably want to mix them with a few formal group shots to make sure you have great photos of everybody. You could also include a couple of arty detail photos such as a picture of your wedding rings, one of your bouquet , and one of your wedding cake.

  • Tell the wedding story

Your wedding

Wedding flowers

A wedding without flowers would be like a beach without sand. They are an essential element of your big day, and come in a whole range of styles and arrangements. Aside from the bride’s bouquet, which may be uppermost in your thoughts, there are many other uses for wedding flowers that you may not have considered.

Types of wedding flowers that you may need to budget for

  • A bridal bouquet, traditionally in white or cream
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets, to complement the bridal bouquet
  • Buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen, traditionally taken from the bride’s bouquet
  • Corsages for the mothers of the bride and groom that can be pinned to the dress or worn around the wrist
  • Arrangements for the ceremony to go on the alter, signing table, pews, entrance and window sills, if you are having a church wedding
  • Table centrepieces for the reception
  • A floral arrangement to decorate the cake tableEmerging trends in wedding flowers

    Using vivid colours is increasingly popular in wedding flower arrangements as well as in the bridal bouquet. Fashionable choices include reds, pinks, blues and purples, and single colour arrangements that incorporate a number of different textures and flower types are also in style.

    Instead of traditional static flower displays, wedding florists are

Wedding planner

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, and can cause a huge amount of stress. After all, this is the most important day of your life, when all your friends and loved ones will be gathered together to celebrate with you and your fiance, and you want everything to be perfect.

What to look for in a wedding planner

You will want to interview several wedding planners so that you can compare their prices and the services they offer, but in many cases your choice will come down to whether you click with the wedding planner or not. You need to be comfortable with your choice of wedding planner as you will be in regular contact with them in the months leading up to your wedding, as well as on the day itself.

When you are looking for potential wedding planners, it is best to look in the area where the wedding will take place, especially if you live far from there. Local planners will be familiar with the local wedding venues and wedding service providers such as florists, bakers and musicians.

Look for a planner that is able to get the best deals on local venues, products and services. A good

Wedding Dress

Couture wedding dresses are one-of-a-kind gowns, made especially for a particular bride, although many designers attach the couture label to off-the-rack wedding dresses where the fabric, colour, or details can be customised.

  • No compromise on style

Couture wedding dresses are the perfect way to inject your own personality into your bridal outfit. When you are having a dress custom made you can have whatever you like as long as your budget can stretch to it. How many brides decide they like the bodice of one dress, but the skirt of another, and just can’t find an off-the-rack gown that combines the two? With a couture wedding dress you can show the two gowns to your dress maker and have them combine the features that you love.

  • A dress that is totally unique

You’ve found your dream dress and can’t wait for the day you get to wear it, but then a couple of weeks before the wedding your friend gets married in exactly the same gown! On your wedding day you want to feel completely special and unique and couture wedding dresses are one of the ways you can ensure you look different to any other bride. You don’t have to opt for way out colours

Wedding Photography

Located in Sydney NSW and currently on the search for a wedding photographer to capture all the special moments of your wedding day.

  • Dreamlife Photos & Video

Priding themselves on their ability to come up with premium products at competitive prices, Dreamlife Photos & Video offers consummate professionals and state of the art technology to capture your wedding photography. With operations across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, Dreamlife has received numerous awards for excellence in photography, cinematography, and customer service. And, as Dreamlife also offers wedding videography, you needn’t stress about finding another supplier to capture your special moments on film!

  • T-One Image

Believing in the importance of gorgeous wedding photography that transports you back to your wedding day, T-One Image offers tasteful and flawless images to cherish for the rest of your lives. Working with your personal style, T-One Image strives to allow your personalities to shine, and deliver photography that accurately portrays and reflects you as a couple. With the help of T-One Image, allow your wedding photography to communicate your love without words.

  • Captured by Pavel

Striving to preserve your memories through unique and captivating story-telling, Captured by Pavel promises to create an intimate and emotional documentary of your special day. Captured by Pavel will capture every

Wedding Decorations

Couples are becoming ever more creative with their wedding decorations in order to create a wedding reception design that is personal, unique and memorable. Before you decide on the type of decorations you would like, you will need to determine a theme or colour scheme for your wedding.

The extent of your wedding decorations will depend largely on what you can afford. If you are on a tight budget, it might be wise to stick to one type of decoration, such as table centrepieces, and make sure these create an impact, rather than spending money on lots of smaller decorations that might get lost in your venue.

The style of your wedding venue will also influence your decorations. If you are hiring an elaborately decorated room, you should keep your decorations simple, but if you are using a plain marquee or function room, you can afford to go overboard on the decorations.

Here are some of the elements of your wedding to incorporate into your decorative scheme:

  • Wedding flowers
  • Table centrepieces
  • Bomboniere
  • Wedding cake
  • Table linen including napkins and rings
  • Chair covers and sashes
  • Place names and table plans

    Ways to

Wedding Planning Questions

  • How do I match a bridal hairstyle with a particular dress neckline?

The most helpful answer to this question came from Faces Makeup and Hair who wrote:

“When choosing a bridal hairstyle, it is more important to consider what suits your face shape rather than what goes with your wedding gown.

That said, if you would like your gown’s neckline to show, consider an updo.

Always have a trial with your hairstylist beforehand to make sure both of you are on the same page.”

  • Can we ask the celebrant not to say ‘Mr and Mrs’ if I’m not taking his name?

The most helpful answer to this question came from Stephanie Bromley – Marriage Celebrant. She wrote:

“Of course you may!  I always ask my couples how they would like to be presented to their guests.

  • When I enquire with a celebrant, what should I be asking them?

The most helpful answer to this question was given by Michael Pratt Celebrant. He wrote:

“This is a great question because celebrants love to answer what you want to know.

I am presuming that you have had a bit of time to chat and feel comfortable with everyone and feel that you could make a connection and work together with your celebrant.

Apart from the obvious first question about being available on

Modern Songs About Love For Wedding

  1. Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
  2. Ellie Goulding – How Long Will I Love You?
  3. Jack Johnson – Better Together
  4. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
  5. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
  6. Beyoncé – Halo 
  7. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
  8. Rascal Flatts – Yours If You Want It
  9. Alicia Keys – No One
  10. NSYNC – This I Promise You
  11. Ben Harper – Waiting On An Angel
  12. Empire of the Sun – Walking On a Dream
  13. Chris Brown – With You
  14. John Legend – All of Me
  15. Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got the Love
  16. Monica – Angel Of Mine
  17. Busby Marou – Biding My Time
  18. Powderfinger – Burn Your Name
  19. Michael Buble – Crazy

Most Popular Adelaide Wedding Cars

  • Classic Jags

Winner of the ABIA Hall of Fame 2016 for Jaguar Wedding Transport, Classic Jags offers four vehicle styles to choose from for your special day. Adelaide’s oldest 1949 MKV Jaguar specialist, you have the choice between 1949 Mark V Jaguars, Royal Daimlers, a 1970 XJ6 Series 1 Jaguar, and a MKV Convertible. All chauffeured vehicles are air conditioned, have luxurious red or gold leather, complementary drinks, and include a red carpet, ribbons, and tulle.

  • Cloud Seven Limousines

Promising nothing less than red carpet service, arrive in style to your special day with Cloud Seven Limousines! These vehicles are driven by fully uniformed and courteous chauffeurs, and the service includes complimentary sparkling white wine or non alcoholic wine, a red carpet, and the ability to decorate the car to your liking. And, specialising in making your day run smoothly, you’re sure to have a relaxing, stress-free ride with luxurious Cloud Seven Limousines

  • Kombis4u

Voted Best Wedding Transport in South Australia at the 2014 ABIA Awards, Kombis4u offers a stylish, timeless, and fun way to travel to your wedding day. Providing a high level of service, these chauffeur driven Kombis are fully renovated for your wedding transport needs.

  • P&K Limousines

With a choice of luxury White 11 seater Chrysler

Something Borrowed Ideas for your Wedding Day

While couples are swiftly doing away with tradition when they plan their wedding day, it seems the ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ ritual continues to have a strong presence. Here are some something borrowed ideas for your wedding day:

  1. JewelleryIt may be the most common ‘something borrowed,’ but this is for a very good reason. You can borrow earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants from best friends, siblings, your mother, grandmother and if you have a family heirloom that has been in the family for generations, even beyond that in the family tree. These pieces are often highly sentimental and make the significance of your wedding day really hit home as you put them on before you get married.
  2. Veil

    If you’d like to add a little somethin’ somethin’ to your look and can’t find the right veil that you absolutely love, ask around the ladies in your life and you might be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Shoes

    If you have serious shoe envy for a pair your bestie has been rocking and you share the same size tootsies

  4. Dress

    With the popularity of vintage weddings, what is old is new again so if your mother or grandmother still have their wedding